About Me


I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember. From Mario to Master Chief, I grew up with gaming, and at times, it seems that gaming grew up with me. As a medium, video games present an unprecedented level of interaction between audience and media, and as one delves deeper into the complex world of gaming, both mechanical and philosophical, it seems there is always something new just around the corner.

It is on this blog, and in my own personal life, that I seek to explore the world of games further. Whether it be exploring the complex questions of what it means to pick up a controller and experience a world, or the nuts and bolts of how the games industry affects the larger trends and design philosophies of our favorite pastimes.

My professional aspiration is to find positions in the games industry that provide engaging, challenging work with a degree of creative freedom. I am primarily interested with roles in game design and narrative design.

As an Interactive Media Studies Major I have significant experience employing critical thinking and design strategies in an array of different projects, from logo creation to designing small scale games. My education primarily focuses on different aspects of game creation, from art direction and 3D modelling, to coding and game design. I also have taken classes in web development and various writing courses. I am pursuing a second major in Creative Writing in addition to my primary major, and am very interested in narrative design within the games industry, as well as games journalism and creative fiction.

If you are interested in hiring me for a project or piece of writing, feel free to contact me with more information, I can provide a more detailed resume upon request.