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Awakening The Nightmare: Return of the Spooky Flesh Monsters

Halo Wars 2 was not my favorite game in the Halo canon, but as a huge fan of the original Halo Wars, and as someone who greatly appreciated the incredible work done by Blur...Read More »

On Binary Moral Choice

Allow me to begin this article with a hypothetical scenario: you walk out of your house on a typical tuesday morning. As you round the corner on your way to work, you see an elderly woman crossing the street. Now you have a choice, you can either help...Read More »

On Bethesda's Creation Club

I’ve made another video essay and uploaded it to Youtube!

Audio is a bit quiet, my apologies. The music is from royalty free from Kevin MacLeod, big thanks to him!

Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed...Read More »

Game Analysis Essay: Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine: A Game Analysis

Released in 2002, Super Mario Sunshine is the critically acclaimed and commercially successful follow up to Super Mario 64, the game that revolutionized 3D platforming and further cemented Nintendo’s position as a market...Read More »

Essay: Video Game Speedrunning As a Unique Form of Play

When playing a videogame with a linear progression, most players go through the content a single time, gradually coming to grips with the mechanics and strategies via natural experimentation and play. Over time, players learn more about a game’s systems and quirks and become able to apply that...Read More »

Halo Wars 2: Everything Old is Different Now

Halo Wars 2 is a game that plays it safe, and in doing so, drastically limits its own potential as an extension of the universe. While Creative Assembly and 343 Industries manage to deliver on the expectations of a Halo Wars sequel, the overall package fails to capture the spirit...Read More »

Ten Video Game Protagonists that Kill People.

Video games are a famously peaceful, lighthearted medium, free from the violent urges of less cultured products. But you may not have realized, there are many Video Game Protagonists that actually kill people. For your enlightenment, I have compiled this list, in no particular order, to expose the dark secrets of...Read More »

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